Please read this carefully. By winning the giveaway campaign you agree to the following conditions.

1. Products cannot be returned (even if it is the wrong size or product).

2. Note that you don’t need to pay for the T-Shirt. We will pay this. But because we are an start-up, we ask you to pay the shipping cost. This is around €5/€10. We even pay the extra shipping cost on top of this. This depend where you live. Hope you understand this. 🙏🏽

3. Delivery time may deviate from the normal shipping time. Here we ask for your patience, it is coming your way.

4. We ask that you take a photo so that we can increase awareness of our community. You can send a photo without your face like the image above. So only your back. Send this to or tag us.

Thanks again for participating. We believe in the power of techno that it can connect us all. Welcome from something that is still in its infancy but we are excited where it will take us all.


1. Go to the shop page.

2. Find the t-shirt you want, choose the size and add it to the cart. (Pay attention the code will only work for t-shirt product and not other products.)

3. In the checkout page ( at the upper side) there says “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”. Enter here the code: “WIN100

4. In the checkout page (in order notes) mention your Instagram username (For example @username).

5. Place your order and you will get an order confirmation.