About Techno Army

We purely enjoy the days and nights that we share together. We have a special feeling of freedom when we are together and listening to techno. Never do we feel more free and accepted than in these moments. We feel connected, alive and accepted. Not only on the dance floor during festivals or parties, but always. We breath techno and enjoy it as a lifestyle. Techno Army is such a culture and lifestyle. We are a Dutch based club culture and fashion brand. The times we never forget. We are focused on creating garments that reflect the essence of the night and day life, all in connection with techno.

Techno Army is a Dutch Techno Fashion Label that originated from the Dutch underground techno scene.
The idea of Techno Army initially arose as a vision to be part of something big, and to create a community. that was back in 2016.  What once started out as a design concept, has evolved into a strong community consisting of designers, DJs, models, tattoo artist and ravers – The TECHNO ARMY.

Our mission is to create and deliver reliable high-quality clothing for the techno community. So they can enhance their personal techno clubbing experience, but also wear this clothing in every day life.

The Army’s signature look – Defined by you, By the Techno Army Community. Cause that’s what who are.

Hi! I’m DJ Milardo, the founder of Techno Army. Our story began in 2016. Being part of the dance culture I realised I wanted to be a part of something bigger. Back in those days, I used to spend a lot of time partying at underground techno clubs in Amsterdam. Now my vision is finally brought to realisation and I am proud to be representing Techno Army.

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